Saturday, 17 July 2010

World Cup aftermath

I have been laxed in updating my blog after the world cup fever. It is true that after all the excitement ended, a void is left in the heart. Though tired, I do miss waking up at 2am in the morning just to catch a match. Well well, it is back to normal again.

This a a ugly cake which I made for my sis for her birthday. Look how messy the slices of mangoes were arranged. I hate cutting mango because I simply could not cut them uniformly, what's more with a knife that is so blunt? But taste wise, I am quite satisfied with it. I use yoghurt to make the mousse and it turned out fine.

Yesterday, I wanted to try baking one kind of bread I frequently saw at one of the bakeries near my home. The salesperson claims that the bread is especially soft. By the look at it, it does look soft to me. So I decided to concoct my own recipe and imitate after it. While I was mixing the dough, I sensed something amiss the dough seemed extraordinary dry to me. I was using my usual recipe, so it should not have such problems. Now, when I put the bread into the oven, it suddenly struck me that I had, in fact, forgotten to add sugar! No wonder the dough felt different! So, I got this 'healthy' bread without sugar. Fortunately,  I still have my kaya available. The generous spread of kaya was able to mask the absence of sugar in the bread.
Today, I set on to make 老婆饼. This pastry is extremely popular in Hong Kong. Somehow, my 老婆饼 are much puffy than the normal ones. Hmm.. the husbands must have fed them well. Ha ha....

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